Grimmer and Cleary American Indian Art

Amidon Ledger Show

The Heard Museum Shop and H. Malcolm Grimmer Antique American Indian Art of Santa Fe, NM are proud to present selections from the Amidon Ledger Book – a newly discovered Sioux ledger book from the 1880s. This unique collection of fifty ledgers will be presented in conjunction with Beauty Speaks for Us, an inaugural exhibition for the new Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust Grand gallery opening at the Heard Museum. The Amidon Ledgers will be on view and offered for sale at the Heard's Berlin Gallery, February 10th-February 26th, 2017.

This remarkable Lakota ledger book was part of a private purchase from a local court house auction and sale in Amidon, North Dakota in 1985, along with the Macnider Ledger. According to Ross Frank Ph.D., ledger scholar, the Hunkpapa Lakota artist known as Jaw (Ćehu´pa) or His Fight (Okicize Tawa) created 87 or more of the 107 drawings found in the ledger book.

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FEB 10th-26th, 2017

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